Sevani, Lady Mage of Gathendor

Sometimes the things of greatest value are hidden deeply in the mundane.

As a young maiden, the Lady Sevani one morning found a button—caked in mud—outside her doorstep.

Sevani was a commoner at that time, and not expected to do more than marry and bear children. No one knew what she would become—that within her was an overwhelming aptitude for magic.

That morning she found the button was the beginning of an altogether ordinary day. She went inside and washed the mud from the trinket. Nothing about the button was particularly worth noting. It was a rounded black stone set in bronze. But that simple button was, in fact, imbued with arcane energies.

After sewing the button to one of her favorite shirts, Sevani thought nothing more of it. But a few days later, when she wore that beloved shirt, the energies hidden within the button began to mingle with the dormant energies hidden in Sevani. Of course, even these multiplied energies would have had no value without being channeled.

But on her way home from the market that day, Sevani was attacked, which, unfortunately, was common in Gathendor at the time. That stress coupled with the magnitude of Sevaniís pent-up energy resulted in an explosion of raw arcane force. Sevani put a crater in the cobbled street and damaged many nearby buildings. The man who had attacked her was never found.

With no witnesses to the attempted attack, and due to the entrenched corruption in Gathendor, Sevani would have been put to death for murder and destruction of property had Magister Rafith not stepped in on her behalf.

And so came to us one of the greatest mages ever to grace the halls of the College.

—From the biography, “The Lady Mage of Gathendor,” by Magister Truon