Miandra the Efriat

“You ask me what I am, and I tell you. But you fail to believe that I was once like you. No one is born imbued with the essence of fire, and there is but a single way to undergo such a change. If you, like me, would go to the Pillar and take and consume but a fragment of its essence, you too would be changed. The more I eat, the brighter I become.”

And then she smiled at me and said, “Take, eat, be made new.”

But I couldn’t gather the courage to reach into the flame and take from its essence. Some nights I lie awake in bed wondering if I shouldn’t go back to that place.

—Excerpt from the chapter ’Miandra the Efriat,’ in Mol Kunidar’s journal, “Journeying through Tar’darium,” Volume II