“Noble Kalindra,

“Our meeting on the streets of Lower Marsinor was no accident. The speed with which you readied your weapons, your agility and grace, your power—your reputation is unexaggerated.

“And now word has reached my ear that you were responsible for the death of the scoundrel Sandrik. I would like to reward you for your service to this community.

“Furthermore, I find myself in need of such versatility and experience for a more sensitive matter, and I am willing to reward you handsomely for services rendered to the crown.

“I would prefer to discuss the details of this matter in person. Please meet me at my estate or send word at your earliest convenience.

“The Lord Tinran, Prince over Eastern Fesrin”

The above correspondence found among Kalindra’s belongings during the worry over her long absence created implications that forever stained Prince Tinran’s pristine reputation—even the reappearance of Kalindra herself failed to repair his name.

Melindris said it best: “What could be more difficult to guard than one’s reputation? Even the most baseless claims can destroy a man should a sufficient number of fools pay them heed. ”

—From “The Histories of Fesrin, ” Volume VI, by Tamindar